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China Gunpowder Green Tea 1000g

China Gunpowder Green Tea 1000g

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Product Description

This Temple of Heaven China gunpowder green tea box contain 1000g worth of loose tea. This Temple of Heaven is the highest grade Gunpowder available. It's not only famous in China but also all over the world. It takes a special skill to roll tea leaves into this unusual gunpowder shape. Because they are so tightly rolled, these little tea pellets keep exceptionally well which is rare for a high quality green tea. When hot water is added, the little tea balls unfold gracefully and produce a flavorful dark green brew with a unique fragrance and a delightful, lingering aftertaste. Temple of Heaven as the name implies, is the highest grade of this type of tea and has won many awards around the world

This is an excellent choice to drink with meals and it complements most meats and vegetables. It also can be brewed into a refreshing iced tea with or without lemon and sugar. To make an interesting Moroccan style beverage, try adding a little mint to this very versatile tea as it steeps. You can also find this gunpowder green tea being served in a lot of popular Chinese restaurants.

Ingredient: Green tea. Net Weight 1000 grams (35 oz) Made in China.

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